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Jul. 21st, 2010

Life......it goes on.

Payless is a pain. I absolutely hate working there because of all the drama. I thought Lane Bryant was bad, but they are nothing compared to Payless. I need to work somewhere with all guys. haha. Maybe then I would avoid some drama. Thankfully I don't need Payless once September roles around. Actually I'm thinking about quitting before I leave on my camping trip with Mike at the end of August. They aren't going to want me working there anyways because my schedule will be changing so much. I'd only be able to work maybe a couple days a week. I don't even know. I'm not worrying about that quite yet. First I need to make sure I can go to school. I've straightened out all my loans except for Sallie Mae. I need to call them soon. Tomorrow I need to call the IT department at ANTS and figure out why I can't get into my e-mail. I know there's one e-mail about some sort of overdue balance which I believe is from late registration. Since I didn't take any classes I believe I shouldn't have to pay that so I need to get to my e-mail to see who I need to call. I'm considered a senior so I can register during the senior time which I want to do so I get into the classes I want. I'm excited to start classes again. I just pray all goes well.
Nothing new is happening with Mike. We're riding the same roller coaster we've been on for a while. What I'm seeing/feeling right now is that we have great chemistry together. We are both highly attracted to each other and there's always sparks. However when it comes to real life situations like our future, I can't see it working. He's so immature in certain things....like financial stuff. I'm at a certain level and he's not there yet. The group home isn't helping at all. It's just the same stuff in a different location. He does finally have a job....Dunkin Donuts, nothing spectacular, but it's something. This will be a big test if he can keep it or not. I pray he can because that will show me he's capable. I'm worried about it.
This weekend my mom will be walking the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk for breast cancer. I am soooo incredibly proud of her. She's put in sooo many miles already. Now she'll be doing 60 miles in 3 days. WOW. A small walk for her is 5 miles. That's funny because most people would consider that a decent long walk. She's done amazing. Raised over 3,000 when she only needed to raise 2,300. Go Mom! Sunday is a closing ceremony that I plan to attend. That should be good. Then on Monday we leave for Maine for a week. I'm sooooooo excited for that. A week of total relaxation. Love it. August 1st will be my 2nd year anniversary with Mike. I can't believe it's been 2 years. It seems way shorter than that.......and in other ways it seems sooo much longer. haha.
I should get going. I have work tomorrow and I need to do laundry before that. Maybe hit the gym.....maybe. haha. night.