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I've had such a great birthday. One of the best probably. Friday night my parents took me out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. Soooo yummy. I had my first creme brulee....omg heaven. After that I went to meet up with Mike at Newton Centre. We spent the evening watching UP...though we didn't watch the whole thing because I was so tired. Saturday he planned the day and didn't tell me what we were doing until we got there. He always spills the beans when he tries to surprise me with something, but this time he didn't. Not even hints. we took a ferry boat to the Boston Islands and spent the day there. He thought we would be able to go from island to island, but I guess that doesn't start yet. So we stayed on George Island I think. There's a Civil War fort there....Fort Warren I believe. We walked all around. It was really cool because some places we could actually go inside of it. And we could walk on top of the whole thing. I put pictures of it on facebook. Then we laid in the grass and watched plains leaving logan and took a snooze. When we were in line for the Ferry ride back it started to sprinkle. But the boat came and we missed most of the rain while we were on the boat. Perfect timing really. When we got to the Harbor we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for diner. Waiting was awful because my feet were hurting and there was no where to sit. Although when we were leaving I noticed people sitting outside waiting to go in, so we could have done that. We both ordered the same thing which I thought was cute. Mac and cheese with chicken. really really good. We left there to go to his place then back to Newton Centre. Besides having 4 blisters on one foot and 3 on the other it was a great day. I was so exhausted by the end. I hope we can do more things like that while Mike is in Boston.

Tomorrow I start my official first day at Payless. I'm worried about my feet because they still really hurt. I'm praying I'll be able to make it for 7 hours on them. I'll have to let them know right away though...not that it would matter because besides the back office there's no where to sit. I think I'm quitting Lane Bryant. It's not worth it to keep them around. Target called yesterday and want to set up an interview. I don't know if I can do both Payless and Target because of scheduling. If Target opens early I could do them in the morning and Payless in the afternoon evening. I should check their hours.

So that's my life....trying to make my relationship with Mike work and trying to make money. ooh yeah.