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Sitting in my office at the church right now waiting for Robert, the pastor, to get here to we can chat and then I have to get out of here so I can be at the library for 4:30. I finished my church work so I figured since I haven't updated for a while I'd do that.
I've been sick for 3 weeks. I'm much better than when I first got it. That was awful. Now the worst part is at night because I can't sleep. My cough wakes me up constantly. So annoying.
Things with Mike and I are good. Hardly perfect, but they are good. We've actually been having a really good time together and haven't argued much for weeks. Until the other day when his family told him he couldn't get a job. I won't go into the mess, but I can't wait until he can get away from his family....at least not be under their control....who knows when that will be...if ever. Lots of future talk has been happening. Both good and bad.
I'm actually applying for another CE type job. It's more hours, more responsibilities and I'd make more money with benefits. I sent my resume and they e-mailed back saying they're looking it over and I should hear from them at some point. I pray they are interested in me. Not only because it's a bigger job, but also because I've run into some conflict at my current church job. Nothing huge, but enough that I'd like to have something else. In the meantime, I wont be getting paid from here over the summer, because I chose the 10 month option of being paid (since I don't do much over the summer)....I don't have any hours at the library over the summer, and Lane Bryant is just a mess. (no hours this week from them). So I'm working on getting a job to make some cash...I'm even applying at Walmart. I'm kinda applying for anything except fast food.
Not sure what else to write about. My life really isn't that exciting. From being with Mike in Cambridge almost every weekend, I'm realizing how much of a city person I am NOT. I hate the city. The people freak me out, I hate being squeezed in with people on the T and having armpits in my face, I hate the smell of the city, and I hate driving anywhere with lots of cars. haha. Mike however loves the city. If we ever move in together we're going to try to get a place near a commuter rail. Far enough from Boston that we might be able to afford it and close enough to get there on the train. I like going to Boston occasionally and being a tourist, but that's it.
Now I shall pack up my junk and drive to the library. adios