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Aug. 3rd, 2010


I hate payless. Always thought I'd love to work there and I absolutely hate it. The job itself is fairly easy. However the drama is too much. It's amazing the trash talking that can happen between a few women. crazy actually. The difficult part is that it's easy to fall into the gossip/trash talking when it happens. I hate it. I try so hard to stay out of it, but it seems I fail every time. Then there's the manager who thinks it's okay to walk all over me. When I was hired I told them I couldn't work weekends..it was on my application and talked about during my interview....The first week I was put on a Saturday....I told her I couldn't and she replied "I never hire people if they can't work weekends...you have to" So because I need the money I stuck with it. She did say that she would give me at least Friday or Saturday off....So if I was to work Friday I'd get Saturday off and vice versa. Since then there have been a couple times when she put me on both and I have a weekend coming up where she put me on both. OYE. Then there's the issue of my vacations. When I was hired I let them know up front about them. I guess now it's a problem. She makes it look like I've been lying to her and not telling her about my schedule. I have been honest from the beginning and it bothers me that because I'm nice they feel they can walk over me. I e-mailed the ANTS library tonight asking if they want me back in the fall. I'm praying they do and that I might be able to start earlier. I HATE RETAIL! lol.
I'm trying to register for classes this week. Stupidly I put off some important details in order to register so I'm praying everything works out and I can register at all. Even better it would be nice if I could get the classes I want.
Mike and I are doing very well. We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and it was great. We were able to have some good quality alone time together and it was really nice. Of course we still have our issues and we don't ignore that. Right now I'm trying to stay positive because I love him with all my heart and I want to make sure we do everything we can to stay together before giving up on us.
I don't want to write anymore. I think I write the same thing every entry. lol ....oh well.