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Mike and I are breaking up. It hasn't happened yet because I keep holding on, but I think I need to let go. Nothing is changing. A year ago if this was going on he would be doing everything possible to convince me to stay with him. He would have taken the T to come see me at work and showed up with flowers. He would have written me a letter expressing his love for me. He wouldn't have done nothing. He would be calling me every chance he got. He would continue to say "I love you" even if I didn't. He wouldn't call me once at home and leave a message in the morning when I told him the day before that I'd be gone all day. He would have tried to reach me on my cell. Maybe he has given up to.......although when I tell him how I feel he says he doesn't want to break up. I don't understand why it's so difficult to talk with me. It's not like I'm an incredibly busy person who has no time.
Usually he'd be excited to tell me about his day. He isn't anymore. He keeps everything inside. Not just his feelings, but even less serious things.
I want to see him Saturday. I'll see how he is tomorrow. See if he calls. See if he talks. Last chance.