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Since my last entry my mood has changed a lot. I am not extremely upset by Mike's moving to Cambridge to be in a group home. Of course I wish it didn't have to happen, however I know it's for the best. I knew this before, but I couldn't get past the hurt I'd feel when he left. It was easy and I cried a lot saying goodbye.....but then he looked at me and said, "you're going to see me again." I knew I was acting as if I wouldn't. It's going to work out though. In fact earlier we decided to meet up on Thursday. I'm going to drive to school and take the T into Quincy Market. We'll have a few hours to spend with each other before he needs to be back to the house and I'll need to be back for dinner. I really really really can't wait till he can have overnights. His aunt invited us to stay at her place, right in Cambridge, if we wanted. I don't know how often she'll allow us to stay over, but any time is good. This means we can sleep at her place and spend the day in Boston or something. I think our relationship will be healthier because of this. Before we were saw each other every day but we sat in front of the tv and that's it. We could't go out much because everything costs money. Now we'll be able to hang out in the Commons or walk the Freedom Trail. I think, I hope, I pray this will be good for us. I do hope he doesn't have to be there for more than a year. The minimum of 6 months would be perfect, but I think he needs more time. All I have to do is continue with this positive thinking.
As for everything else.....things are going well. I lost 2 lbs this week....and I didn't exercise for 3 days or drink nearly enough water. This will be a better week.....I hope. For bad news, today I had to pay $500 to get my car fixed. Yesterday it began making a funny noise....almost like an airplane....today I brought it in and prayed that it wouldn't cost a lot. I'm glad I could pay for it without my parents help. Although I was hoping that $500 could go to my mom. Oh well. My car is now fixed and I'm back to being broke. How I love life....lol.